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Daytona Employment is currently recruiting for a Training Specialist

Responsibilities for this position:

Will include some or all of the following: teaching, student advising, research and creative activities, service and cooperative extension, and administrative responsibilities. Your responsibilities may include student recruitment and retention.

Prepare course outline and syllabus, develop course and lesson plans, and engage in the selection or creation of textbooks and other teaching aids necessary to the instruction of courses. Conduct classroom instruction for one or more courses in our curriculum. Teach pertinent course subject using lectures, demonstrations, class discussion, and other appropriate modes of educational delivery. Lead and monitor classroom instruction that promotes educational and learning and foster everyone's development.

Adjustments to your teaching responsibilities may be made in accordance with Company's workload policy based on the type of courses to which you are assigned and the extent of your responsibilities in other areas.

Summary of Duties:

The instructor will be responsible for working with new and existing employees to educate them on specific operational procedures and medical billing procedures in order to carry out the company's mission. The instructor will assist the Director of Training and Education to ensure that the workforce has the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to serve our customers both internal and external.


Reports to Director of Human Relations.

Essential Functions:

  1. Maintains strictest confidentiality; adheres to all HIPAA guidelines/regulations.
  2. In conjunction with the Director of Training and Education help:
    1. Develop standard training programs for each component of company operations.
    2. Create interactive training presentations for use in educating employees and clients.
    3. Develop and manage syllabus materials. The instructor is responsible for selecting and compiling tests, assignments and/or online discussion exercises that permit measurement of performance relative to standardized learning objectives.
    4. Coordinate all course items and curriculum with Director. The instructor is responsible for reviewing all materials to ensure consistency and will make all necessary changes with the Director of Training and Education.
    5. Facilitate Class Instruction. The instructor is responsible for teaching the assigned class or classes in accordance with learning objectives and session plan outlines specified by the Company Academy.
    6. Develop standardized tests to assess the retention of knowledge and skills.
    7. Maintain the knowledgebase of frequently asked questions and resolutions to common issues.
    8. Evaluate Student Performance. The instructor is expected to administer evaluations of student performance based on course deliverables and course rubrics.
    9. Respond Promptly to Grade Determination. The adjunct professor should submit grades for any assignments, discussion board exercises, and exams and course completion.
    10. Input Final Grades and Competencies
    11. Finalize monthly certificates and report cards
  1. Adhere to Protocol Guidelines. The adjunct professor is responsible for participation in any chat sessions as determined by the course.
  2. Always stay abreast of regulatory and billing changes and disseminate information to Synergy employees and clients.
  3. Document newly identified processes to provide to business process management department.
  4. Identify gaps in current process documentation.
  5. Learn standard utilization of various software and CH platforms.
  6. Create training content with practical scenarios and examples.
  7. Other duties as assigned.


A two-year college degree. In the absence of the degree we will look at the experience in the field. Billing certification and at least one (1) to two (2) years of billing experience required. In the absence of certification, the Instructor will have to complete it within the first 6 months after taking the position.

Professional Development:

As an instructor you can never stop learning and because of this professional development is mandatory. Instructor training and professional development never really ends, but instead is a career-long pursuit. The instructor will have to complete certain classes and webinars to obtain CEUs all year round.


The Company Academy instructor is expected to show up each day "ready to work" with a strong desire for learning and passion for the medical billing industry. He/she is expected to be detail oriented and organized. Company expects the instructor to be diligent in their efforts, curious to solve problems, and focused on helping the Company exceed in meeting the client's expectations. They are expected to attend mentoring classes on Leadership and FQHC billing.


  1. A desire and passion to teach others.
  2. A desire and passion to never stop learning.
  3. A positive attitude.
  4. Source of motivation and inspiration to everyone around.
  5. High levels of professionalism in attitude and dress.
  6. A background in hospital and/or medical facility.
  7. Knowledge of medical billing/insurance practices.
  8. Knowledge of billing computer software.
  9. Knowledge of business office procedures.
  10. Comprehensive understanding of how to process paper and electronic medical claims.
  11. Knowledge of basic medical coding and third-party operating procedures and practices.
  12. Ability to operate a computer and basic office equipment.
  13. Ability to operate a multi-line telephone system.
  14. Ability to read, understand and follow oral and written instructions.
  15. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues, clients and patients if needed.
  16. Must be well organized and detail oriented.
  17. Have a positive attitude.
  18. Have a strong desire to succeed.
  19. Have excellent communication skills, both written and oral.

Environmental/Working Conditions:

Normal office/classroom environment. Occasional over-time may be required and/or hours may be shortened as business needs dictate.

Physical Demands:

Requires sitting and standing associated with a normal office/classroom environment. Manual dexterity needed for using a calculator and computer keyboard.

This description is intended to provide only basic guidelines for meeting job requirements.

Responsibilities, skills and working conditions may change as needs evolve.