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FL 32713
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1. Moving tables/chairs for meals being served and setting them up and then taking them down

2. Carrying supplies from one area to another on the work site

3. General clean up and up- keep of the work site to ensure it has a clean appearance

4. Placing drinks in coolers and adding ice as needed

5. Assisting after meals are completed by cleaning area and throwing away debris

6. Follow instructions from managers, supervisors and leads at the job site

7. Follow all health and safety regulations

8. Ensure regulated and proper protective equipment is used, if required

9. Complete all assigned tasks in a timely and efficient manner

10. Provide assistance to anyone at the work site as needed


The majority of the time will be standing and walking. There will be lifting/carrying, moving of tables/chairs, distributing ice, etc. Must be able to lift up to 50lbs.

Being balanced is constantly necessary when sitting, standing or walking.

Talking clearly and hearing ordinary conversations is done on a constant basis.

Seeing near is frequently important when reading and writing.

Must be able to work well with co-workers and others. May occasionally require ingenuity, problem solving, and imagination. Can be stressful at times; however, composure must be maintained at all times.


The high majority of duties/tasks will be performed outside at above average temperatures.

NOTE: These duties/tasks may not be an exhaustive list depending on the circumstances