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Dietary Aides

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Daytona Employment is currently recruiting for a Dietary Aide.



Assists in the preparation, assembly, delivery and collection of patient meals. Performs general cleaning and sanitizing tasks.


High School diploma or GED required


Skills in oral and written communication required. Basic math skills required. Good organization skills and ability to work within pre-defined time frames and deadlines. Ability to work well with others. Good hand-eye coordination and body mechanics.


  1. Sets up and works all positions on the patient tray line. Assemble food and non-food items on patient tray according to printed tray ticket.

  1. Serves correct portion size of each food as specified on tray ticket.

  1. Responsible for safe food handling which includes strict adherence to personal hygiene standards, maintaining safe food temperatures, cleaning and sanitizing all food contact surfaces, and preventing cross contamination of food.

  1. Delivers and collects food carts from patient floors.

  1. Unloads and scraps patient trays.

  1. Presoaks and racks soiled dishes; presoaks silverware.

  1. Loads soiled dishes and service ware into dish machine correctly.

  1. Receives clean sanitized dishes and service ware from dish machine and puts each item into the correct dispenser or rack.

  1. Collects and disposes of waste. Cleans and sanitizes waste cans.

  1. Washes, rinses, and sanitizes pots, pans, and utensils using pot machine or three compartment sink method.

  1. Washes, rinses, and sanitizes patient tray carts using cart wash machine or manual method according to established procedure.

  1. Cleans /sanitizes equipment on work station of tray line, including:

    • Steam tables and steam wells
    • Air curtain refrigerators
    • Portable warmers
    • Chill tops
    • Coffee dispenser and table
    • Tray lowerators
    • Base racks
    • Mobile refrigerators/Air curtain refrigerator
    • Plate heaters/lowerators
    • Ice cream freezer
    • Conveyor belt
    • Patient tray delivery carts
    • Coffee machine
    • Chill tops

  1. Performs other cleaning tasks including, but not limited to:

    • Floors
    • Walls
    • Dish machine
    • Dish room equipment such as soak sinks, conveyors, dish dispensers and dollies.

  1. Assists with on-the-job training of new Dietary Aides

  1. Performs routine floor cleaning

  1. Provides assistance to cooks, bakers, and salad/cold food cooks as assigned.

  1. Assists with food preparation, assembly, service and clean-up of catered events as assigned.

  1. Assembles and delivers floor stocks as assigned.

  1. Serves on cafeteria line as assigned.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Walking and standing for long periods of time resulting in moderate fatigue. Frequent lifting, pushing, or pulling of 25 to 50 pounds. Regular hours of work, day or evening hours, weekend and holiday hours. Occasional late night cleaning scheduled.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Patient tray line and dish machine room are frequently hot environments

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT/ WORK AIDS: Dish machine all locations, pot and pan machine, cart wash machine (main kitchen only)

Pay - $13.00/hr.